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Powerful Rapid-Screening Assays for Infectious Disease from the Hudson Valley of New York

Choose expert rapid-screening assays for analyzing potential infectious disease by calling Dyne Immune in the Hudson Valley of New York. We create the kind of technology that assures your results are more than accurate; you get them quickly, too.

Tissue Screening

In addition to our renowned rapid-screening assays, our strategy and technology includes the rapid detection/screening (within minutes) of body-tissue fluids for infectious microbes via on-site/non-instrument based kits in addition to a high-throughput automated format that is of particularly useful application within a clinical or hospital venue before a patient is admitted. This particular technology is laboratory-based and automated, and delivers results within minutes, as compared to contemporary clinical microbiological methods requiring 24 to 48 hours.

Multiple Uses

While our bio-analytical methods are well-suited for routine and periodic inspection and monitoring of surgical tools and surfaces, they are also an outstanding tool for air-handling systems, culinary venues, and overall environmental integrity with respect to health care facilities for the express purpose of significantly reducing nosocomial infections.

Two Females Testing Substance - Rapid-Screening Assays

Global Outcry

There exists globally a need for rapid and accurate on-site detection of emerging infectious diseases and pathogenic organisms in order to deter and ultimately eradicate pandemics. Existing methods available to the CDC™, WHO™, Department of Homeland Security™, and HHS™ are presently non-facile, cumbersome, expensive, time-consuming, logistically unsuitable, and expensive.

User-Friendly & Flexible

Our screening assay is user-friendly and can be used by veterinarians, MDs, animal control officials, USDA officials, and pet owners for the purpose of periodic rabies screenings. Furthermore, our assay demonstrates a clear and distinct advantage over contemporary analytical methods such as PCR and immunofluorescent staining methods that are laboratory instrument-based and thereby require an electrical power source and are time-consuming, expensive, and postmortem.

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